Shiro Glosses|Review & Swatches

Shiro is one of the best indie companies out there. Everything about them is incredible, from their customer service to their site, and especially their products. (Psst, speaking of indies, tomorrow is the last day to pre-order Tilt/Shift eyeshadows!)

I’ve bought Shiro’s shadows before, but I’ve been dying to try their lip glosses. I’m not usually a lip gloss fan, but I’ve heard Shiro’s aren’t sticky or overwhelming like a lot of them can be, so I decided to add a couple to my order, and here they are!


These glosses are perfect. They’re not too sticky and feel so lightweight on the lips, the colours are beautiful (I’m pretty sure Caitlin designed these just for my face, because there’s no other way these could look so freaking good) and the smells are delicious and not overwhelming. 🙂

Super Special Adorable Gloss:


This one was an add on, and the cutest thing ever. Caitlin layered a bunch of different beautiful colours in a tube, so it looked (and smelled) like a girly rainbow of goodness! Unfortunately the tube seal broke during transport, so some of it spilled out and I couldn’t take a photo, but I transferred the gloss to my own container, and it’s beautiful! The colour is a very natural looking, bubblegum pink-purple with medium opacity, and I’ll get tons of wear out of it, especially during the Spring. 🙂 The rainbow packaging and girlishness of it (it’s their “pink frosting” scent) remind me of Lady Rainicorn:


And I’m so okay with that.

Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morn:


The most perfect nude on me, which is a really hard thing to accomplish. I only have 3 other lip products (out of literally 100+) that suit me this well as a MLBB colour. It’s a medium-sheer coverage, honey-scented gloss that I think would work well on a lot of people. It’s not too light or too dark, and the colour is a pinky-rose-beige. Beautiful and officially one of my favourite lip colours for every day wear.

Nic Cage Posing for a Calendar with Shiny Bright Red Cars:


Unf. This is the bombshell of glosses. A bright but surprisingly wearable warm red which smells to me like cherry Runts. This goes on bright and after about an hour’s wear fades into a gorgeous pink-orange colour. “Bright Red Cars” would be great for those of you who are like me and need a red lip, but want something a bit more wearable and less heavy for the Spring and Summertime.

Once again, Shiro Cosmetics has impressed me fully! They for sure have a lifelong fan over here, and I know I’m not the only one. Check them out here!


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