Modern Takes on Old Fashions

I feel like we live in such a great time for fashion right now, because it’s so cyclical, and so many trends from the past  have all come back at once.
We have the full-denim ensemble of the 90’s, the long maxi dresses of the 60’s, and the silhouettes and bright red lipstick of the 40’s and 50’s.
The past 5 years have been like a “best of” version of the last 50-60 years, mixed in with our more modern styles. I love it! Here are some inspiration boards I’ve made of some of my most favourite current styles, taken from the past and updated!The Modern Flowerchild

Ivory vest

Floral handbag
$50 –

Marc Jacobs fragrance
$115 –

Glamorous Grunge
Classic Beauty

Flower print dress

Short red dress
$32 –

Chie Mihara pumps

Clip back earrings

What’s your favourite modern take on an old style?

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