Spring Nail Polish Picks 2014

Spring styles to me have always been the younger sister of the vampy colours, big boots, and chunky knits of the Fall and Winter, and what better way to show off your brights than on your nails?!

When it’s comes to this time of year, I feel like I change up my polish every day! I’m just so in love with the bright shades that come out around this season, and because of that I’ve compiled a rainbow assortment of some of my favourite polishes for spring!




This colour is absolutely beautiful. A dusty lilac colour with SO much sparkle which is perfect for Spring!

Cameron has a “Stardust” finish-you know that nail polish trend lately that feels like sand? This is the same thing, but glittery. Mmm.

If you have to go more sophisticated or neutral, this is what I’d go for. It’s beautiful and unique without being too in your face.



This colour changes in the sun from the fluorescent pink you see here, to an orange-toned red. Fun!

I love using this as a pedi colour, it’s just so cute and fun! I also have my eye on one of their other colours, Wildflower, and basically anything in their Summer collection.



These Parfumerie colours haven’t been getting much love for some reason, but I love them!

Although not all of them smell as strongly as I’d like, every colour is gorgeous and I have to stop myself from buying more every time I go grocery shopping, haha.

This is a stunning neon-red colour which is a beautiful alternative to the classic dark reds worn in the Fall.



A gorgeous creamy bright orange with a pink duochromey shimmer. Yes, please?

A beautiful one for those beach days when you want to soak in all the warmth, and a colour I haven’t seen anywhere else!



Unfortunately unavailable now, this is one of my favourite topcoats ever.

It looks so pretty over any orange or yellow shade, and the shimmer is so fine and sparkly it’s like you have gold on your fingernails, and I’m a big fan of gold!

It could go on by itself, but it would require LOTS of coats to make it opaque, so I just put it over a yellow that matches this polish base and it shows up just like it does in the bottle.



Envy-coloured green which is perfect for those of you who want to take a slight break from the pastels that have been on the shelves lately.

This is still muted and creamy, but doesn’t have a white base like pastels do.

I love this on the nails as a pop of colour against an all-white outfit!



Sinful colours is such an underrated brand to me. They tend to be pretty cheap, but they produce some really cool, unique colours.

I own this topcoat in this blue colour and in a pink, and they are some of my favourite polishes! Both of these topcoats look awesome layered over a white polish for a simple but cool mani.

What are your polish picks for Spring? Let me know in the comments!



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